Mile High Club

Prompt: Airplane Smut

I snuggled my head into my boyfriends neck, keeping my eyes focussed on the screen in front of us and smiled to myself at our situation. Somehow the two of us had won an all expenses paid trip to California, including a five-star hotel and first class seats for the trip over there, and that was where we were now. In first class. We each had our own little ‘pod’ like area which include a comfy reclining chair, a little table, a TV and other little luxuries. You could also completely close them off from the rest of the plane, which is what we had done. We didn’t want any ignorant homophobes tutting at us when we were relaxing.

My arms tightened around the black haired boy beneath me and I placed a small kiss on his neck. I was sure he’d be smiling, but from my position I couldn’t see.
  “Hey Phil,” I mumbled, placing a few more kisses up the length of his pale white skin, sometimes tugging at it between my teeth.
  “Yeah?” he replied, and I could feel his fingers trailing down my side. I shuffled a little under the blanket we had on, moving so I was a little bit more on top of him.
  “This movie sucks,” I giggled, then began sucking at his neck. I moved the hand that I had resting on his chest, and trailed it down his torso, then dipped my fingers underneath his waistband.

  “Are you always this frisky?” he chuckled, but didn’t stop me. We’d only been together about a month or so, but best friends for much longer. The only thing that had really changed was the fact that we now kissed and touched each other. Bar that it was just the same as before.
  “Always,” I reassured him in a sultry tone, then broke into a fit of giggles. He chuckled along with me and tightened his grip, then pulled me on top of him properly so I was straddling his lap.
  “Are you always this frisky?” I teased, rolling into his hips a bit. He gasped slightly, then reverted back to his chuckle.
  “Always," he mocked, taking the tone I was using and twisting it into something facetious, then ran his tongue over his teeth in what I suppose he thought was an attractive fashion.

I chuckled at him, then brought my hand up to his face and caught his roaming tongue between my fingers. 
  “You look silly,” I announced, to which he just pouted. It wasn’t like he could say anything though - I’d caught his tongue. I let it drop then shuffled up his body a bit so our lips could met. It had been at least half an hour since our last kiss, which to me was far too long. 
  “I’m seductive,” he proclaimed against my lips, still pretending to pout but spending half of his time kissing me back.
  “You’re so unseductive,” I retorted, parting my lips a little to deepen the kiss and let my hands wander a bit, rumpling his shirt fabric.
  “Fun reductive,” he murmured, playing the little rhyming game we sometimes did.

  “Lung productive,” I responded. His hand scooted underneath the fabric of the t-shirt I was wearing and started stroking my lower back, sometimes winding up my spine as I rolled into him again. 
  “Mum constructive,” he replied, then delved his tongue into my mouth. It tasted so quintessentially him - chocolate, coffee and that little bit of something else. I met the muscle with my own as we slid them together, and my fingers found their way into his hair.
  “Don’t talk about Mum’s when we’re making out,” I reprimanded as we broke away from each other briefly to catch our breath. He let out a chuckle, and I felt his hands move from my lower back down to my ass, his cold fingers soft against my warm skin.

  “Mum,” he replied, meeting my lips again. “Mum mum mum mumumumumum-” he rambled immaturely, so I had to shut him up with another passionate kiss. I tightened my grip in his hair and pulled his head closer to mine, making his head tilt so it was a deeper embrace. As we kissed my hips inherently rolled into his a few times, and he gyrated back up into me, giving us both some delicious friction. I heard a moan or two pass by his lips, but then again, it could have been my own. When he broke apart again for another breather I grinned at him and bit his lip.
  “We should have sex,” I suggested casually, making him splutter a bit.
  “We’re on a plane,” he reasoned.
  “There is a business man sleeping literally a metre away. You think he wants some roguish youths going at it right next to him?” 
  “I bet he does,”
  “Idiot. Anyway, someone would hear.”

I rolled my eyes, where was his sense of adventure?
  “Oh well, if you don’t think you could keep your mouth shut,” I said in mock exasperation, and took a big sigh as I sat back a bit on his lap. He laughed a bit in disbelief, then gave my ass a pinch. I’d almost forgotten his hands were there, they’d warmed up now.
  “My mouth shut? Look who’s talking. 'Oh, Phil! Oh god Phil baby,’" he mocked, rolling his eyes back in his head and making his head tilt back, then jutted his hips into mine crudely. I slapped his chest with a giggle, shaking my head.
  “I don’t sound like that.”
  “Oh yes you do! 'Phil, harder, uhhh, yes!'" he mocked further, and I clamped my hand over his mouth.

  “Shut up,” I warned, still giggling but glancing around our little pod. Well, his little pod. I’d abandoned mine. “They’ll think we’re doing it now. Or you’re doing it by yourself, calling out your own name.” 
  “They don’t know my name,” he replied, as sharp as a knife. I pursed my lips, unable to come up with a retort, so I kissed him again. He shook his head a bit, keeping his lips pressed tight.
  “I win,” he gloated, smirking a little. I pouted again, and rolled into his hips.
  “I’ll wipe that smirk right off of your face,” I threatened.
  “Go on then,” he replied, his eyes suddenly doubling over and turning dark with lust. I moaned a little at the sight and then kissed him for the umpteenth time, more lustful and way less innocent than before.

I shuffled myself back in the slightest on his lap, so I had better access to his crotch and began undoing his jeans. With a bit of fumbling I got there, then dipped into his boxers and clasped his already pretty hard boner in my grip. My fingers ran up and down it a few times, before I moved back a little bit more and broke our lips apart, only to wrap mine around his cock. This was certainly a more pleasurable way to make a bit of lubrication, at least for Phil, and if I was being honest I couldn’t say that I hated it either. I swirled my tongue around his tip before dipping down a bit lower and dragging my lips back up. 

His breath left his mouth in the form of a shaky little sigh as I went lower and lower on him. After the weeks we’d been together, and prior experience, I’d practically excavated my gag reflex. I could now take all of Phil into my mouth and throat, when the situation required, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was a little proud. I did just that and let him hit the back of my throat, sucking a bit as I simultaneously got him ready and gave him some more pleasure. One of his hands left my ass and he entwined his fingers in my hair, gently holding me in place but not so much that I couldn’t pull away if I needed to. But that was so Phil, as much as he liked to pretend he was tough he was about as forceful as a teddy bear.

As he began to whine quietly I pulled my head off of him, deciding to get on with it. I let the tip of my tongue run back and forth in his slit a bit before I removed my head completely, then smiled at the flushed boy sitting in front of me. My feet found the floor of the aircraft and I stood up as well as I could, which was half hunched over. These pods were not made for tall people. I shimmed my jeans down my legs eagerly, soon followed by my underwear and the pushed aside, and I climbed back onto Phil’s lap, naked from the waist down. We met lips again as I lined myself up on his length, and slowly sunk down. I decided to skip the stretching, I didn’t really need it and it’d waste time.

I let a small moan build in my throat as he filled me, and smiled at him as our kiss broke. 
  “See? I can be quiet,” I whispered, moving my hips side to side a little to adjust.
  “For now,” he replied, trying to sound knowing. I shook my head and moved up and down on him a few times, and mimed zipping my lips up and throwing away the imaginary key. He chuckled at me and his hands moved to my hips, guiding me in my bobbing movements. I took one of them off, though and moved it too my poor neglected dick, which apart from the light grinding hadn’t got any attention in this rendezvous. 

After a few more movements my mouth was hanging open as I tried to draw oxygen down my throat, and simultaneous tried to hold in my moans. He knew exactly how to stroke me, how to hit all the spots that needed hitting, and it wasn’t long until I was feeling blissful. That is until there was a knock on the plastic shell of our pod. My eyes went wide with fear. It’s not like we couldn’t answer it. I looked at Phil frantically and he looked the same, but then pulled the blanket that was still around his feet over us, covering my still very naked lower body, and the fact that he was still very much inside of me.

  “Pretend to be asleep,” he hissed, and I complied immediately, facing away from the sliding door and burying my head into his neck. I heard him push open the door, and answer uncharacteristically curtly to whoever was behind it.
  “Sorry to disturb you Sir-” she began, then lowered her tone, noticing I was ‘asleep’. “We just wanted to confirm your dinner options. You and, uh, your friend selected option one, correct?” the flight attendant said.
  “Yes, my boyfriend and I ordered option one.” he replied, and I could just imagine the sassy look on his face that he got when he was nervous. Of course it would be at that moment that the plane would hit some turbulence, forcing him further into me. I tightened my grip on him, hoping the woman would leave soon.
  “Oh, okay, thank you Sir. Sorry for the disturbance.” she said, and then I heard the pod door slide closed again.

I pulled my head out of Phil’s neck and looked him straight in the eyes, and burst into laughter. He giggled along with me, and for a few seconds we forgot we were in the middle of sex.
  “Yes, my boyfriend and I…” I mocked, chuckling a bit as I caught my breath back from our giggles. 
  “You’re not my boyfriend?” he asked, faking surprise and bucking his hips into me in an attempt to get me going, and then returned his hand to my now leaking dick. “Well, that makes this a bit awkward then,” he finished, keeping the befuddled look on his face as his fingers not-so-befuddledly stroked up and down my length.

  “You’re an idiot,” I cooed, and started moving on him again, slowly working up to get to the pace we were at before. 
  “You’re an idiot,” he replied lamely, and I shook my head to show my distaste at the poor retort, but kissed him before he could redeem himself. 

Eventually we worked ourselves up to the state we were in before we were so rudely interrupted - that being the stage we were desperately trying not to make the usual moans and groans and shouts that we usually did. I supposed we were a very… verbal couple. 
  “Stick your fingers in my mouth,” he whispered fervently, and without thought I did as I was told and he bit down on my digits.
  “Ow!” I complained, frowning a bit. “What are you doing?”
  “I need something to do with my mouth, and you’re shit at kissing when something’s up your ass,” he explained gruffly, then began sucking my fingers. I pouted, pretending to be offended before I got carried away with pleasure again as  he thrusted up and hit my spot. 

I let out a squeak and covered my mouth with my free hand, trying to hold in all the noises. He smirked around my fingers, and began sucking them more intently and made eye contact with me, winding his tongue in between the two I had in his mouth. I frowned, knowing he’d see it in my eyes, but that was soon wiped away as he hit my spot again. A few more gyrations and flicks of his wrist had me drawing closer, and I removed my hand from my mouth to announce that fact briefly, before placing it right back where it needed to be.
  “Same,” he replied distractedly, his head falling back against the chair and taking my fingers with him. I used my fingers that weren’t in his mouth to hold onto his face, and took a few deep breaths to prepare myself not to make a noise as I climaxed.

Phil’s name left my lips in a whisper as I climaxed, and being his intuitive self his hand was in the right place to catch it. I kept bouncing on him as I rode my orgasm out, and the increased bite on my digits let me know he was riding out his. His hand slowed at the same pace as my bobs, and eventually we came to a stop. I pulled my fingers out of his mouth, then looked around for something to clean myself up with. On the small table there was a face wipe for Phil, which I stole and used to clean his hand, then my length. I was content to sit with him inside me for a few moments, I would freely admit I loved the feeling. 

  “Guess what we just did?” he asked me, to which I shrugged a little.
  “Had sex?” I guessed.
  “Joined the mile high club,” he grinned fiendishly, making me giggle. 

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